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My name is AmySue Long and I am a 200-hr. certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. I received my certification at Holy Cow Holistic Center in Charleston in 2014. I had been practicing yoga for about 2 years before I decided to share my love for this practice and become a teacher.  In 2015, my family and I relocated from Charleston, SC back to St. Augustine for my husband's job. Our family consists of three rambunctious boys who keep us on our toes! Three little birds is a concept that we all thought of a few years ago. Our love for the Bob Marley song helped, along with our three little birds who appeared on our "doorstep".

My style of teaching is tailored to the needs of the individual. I enjoy teaching both a gentle style of yoga consisting of stretching and breathing with a limited amount of perspiration (for those who need to avoid a shower after lunch-hour yoga) as well as a more heat-building vinyasa (flow) class to build strength and endurance.

I am friendly to both the flexible and inflexible. Yoga is a journey to discovering the breath and finding balance in asanas (yoga postures or poses). Music, humor, pranayama and a little bit of meditation can be introduced in different classes, as well. I am also certified in Prenatal Yoga and Yin Yoga...I am CPR certified, a member of the Yoga Alliance, and fully insured through Philadelphia Indemnity. I continue to attend certification workshops and teach classes currently at Discovery Yoga. I received my CPF certification through Yoga Den for breast cancer yoga in 2016.  I encourage everyone who is willing, to try yoga....no judging, no need to have a "yoga body" or any yoga experience at all! Namaste.